In the days of Polaroid most photographers would have a collection of instant film ‘rejects’ that kinda represented the ‘soul’ of the shoot. These were the candids, the forced mistakes and happy accidents which could not be repeated. That single frame of instant film not only was a one off, but, because it was a positive, meant not even the hands of the alchemist magician in the darkroom, with his potions and shadow brushes, could tweak and alter perception. Nope, this was raw currency and within it, from time to time were those dynamite moments, or quiet beauty. Now with digital we can capture, well anything. Press and fire away during a set up and something will be there. The ‘outs’ process for me anyhow, is now in that which is left behind based on a list of judgements. Similar to the talk that would go around a room while looking at a contact sheet or a line up of bracketed slides, but for outs this is as good as it gets. I’ve been photographing the material for the MA Design class of 2013 and their website The images have been selected and are going up over the weeks, mine included, but I have found in the catalogue of headshots some gems that appeal to me. Some are loud, others energetic and others quiet in tone. But all have a hint of that Polaroid time that’s now gone for me and others. Our shoeboxes traded in for laptops and clouds.