September 2012

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The Crystal shoot


These images are weird. I mean weird by the fact that I was part of a media briefing. The guy in the middle — you may know him, he’s that fellow that directed the movie An Inconvenient Truth – Davis Guggenheim. He’s speaking to the press before he takes part in the opening of Sieman’s new hyper-environmentally friendly building The Crystal here in London. Ok so what is so weird about this then? Getting a press pass and shooting the imagery with an iPhone is weird. Publishing it through an app called Instagram as part of the media team is weird. No need for a 400mm f2.8 lens and pro DSLR, the big lights, the credentials to get me a press pass, the calls ahead to arrange, and all the other admin is weird.  Nope.. no need for that, have phone, have app, will publish and it does. That’s what’s weird because it really does work.

Autumn’s a’cummin’


(click on photo to enlarge) 

Got out and did some blackberry picking around the abode this weekend after reading about this blackberry article found in the September issue of Waitrose Kitchen – Hedgerow Harvest by food writer Nikki Duffy. I was so inspired I gave up an autumn swim session at the lake for a 7:00 am pickaroo along our country road hedge. No regret – my time blackberrying was spent in solitude and proved to be delightful. Some iphonegraphy to accompany the day. BTW – It makes for one heckuva yummy muffin so I’ve scheduled another pick and bake session this weekend. Highly recommend it!

On the Wall

Was invited to this show last night by a former Art of the Snapshot student who is now graduating with his Photojournalism MA.

Congrats to Michael McGuiness on this spectacular achievement and his project “Monday Comes Very Quickly”. He says “This project of ‘photographing the unseeable’ uses photography to demonstrate how people with mental health issues are being positively supported in their ‘wellness’ treatment plans, within the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, enabling them to live as part of the community leading purposeful and fulfilling lives”. You can follow his developments here on the BBC and get his insight in pursuing a degree in photography.

You can see this fabulous show entitled “Here and There” if you’re around the Baker Street tube station. The show runs for only a couple of days but if you love photojournalism and want to see what’s up and coming – make a visit. Show runs only until Thursday September 13th with doors open 11 am until 7 pm. Click on the image below for more deets on getting there and links to the graduates and their portfolios.


 Holy toledo … here it is.

This summer my Photographers’ London at Central Saint Martin’s was sold out – twice. With the Olympic train running into town and the city never looking so fine plus our first summer school being run out of the swish new King’s Cross location — well it felt like the epicenter for learning.  Then one day I get an email letting me know that a groovy Russian travel mag is going to sit in on my course and experience , photograph and write about it. Fabulous!

This week the finished product came out. Written by Anna Prazhina and photographed by Ben Quinton with images in collage from the students well … here it is….










But hey … why look at a jpegs of it when you can flip through this cool mag yourself by clicking on the cover below. We’re on page 50.