February 2011

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Had the pleasure of curating and presenting the Saturday Club exhibition at The Mango Lab. The work is from a brief entitled “find”. It was a brief that had participants rummaging around the urban landscape looking for images that represented things like “foof” and “the flipside of nothing”. This may sound more playful than serious but the dialogue shared this evening was more about the visual triggered by words and phrases. The process that is set off in one’s subconscious and as a result promoted the photography that it did.


Talking with some of the photographers from The Saturday Club at The Mango Lab.

Over and over again I have the pleasure to witness how students frame the world around them. Their dipping of the toe into the creative pool, taking chances to see how “warm” the water will be, I find both exciting and encouraging. There is really nothing to lose but maybe a moment of self esteem and maybe even expectation. The trade off is the spark of growth and understanding from taking that step and putting the work “out there” for show. In the public arena, which brings about comment verbally or physically, and the artist can hear the echo of their work.

Bravo to all the young photographers who took this brief and ran with it. Bravo for taking the chance and seeing the result. And I hope the learning that comes with this process only furthers your education and craft.