March 2010

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Retro Tri

I have been wanting to post this since I returned from my trip to Manitoba. My parents had moved house and I was left with going through years and years of collected things that would one day mean more to me. This is one of those items that I continue to keep. I love the look of this photocopied photo that was part of the Riding Mountain Triathlon results package they sent out. I remember this day all too well. My father standing out in the early morning rain and cold. The wind slapping both spectator and competitor alike. The half hour delay while we stood on the shoreline, none of us in wetsuits. Vaseline all over my too thin body, shivering, shivering, shivering. I think 300 people signed up for that single morning but only 86 showed up to compete. It was the cold. Very cold. And although I stood with these Iron men and women I unfortunately did not finish. I got hauled into a boat after I was watching hamburgers and french fries dance at the bottom of the lake — something like this — Let’s all go to the Lobby!— This is what happens when the cold gets into your head.

Years later I look at the sport and how it has changed. It has grown to such popularity and I am glad for it. I have this day to remember back in ’87 — at its grassroots level and just starting out. Both me and it. We were so full of glory and hope. It still fills me in that very way. Each training run, swim or cycle — when its over I stand, look up at the sky and think — I am still filled with glory and hope. I look forward to another 25 years having a relationship with my Triathlon.



Well folks, it’s that time of year again and I hope to make it a PB. Completely excited about the months of training and  fundraising ahead and hope to raise the bar on last year.

Last year I had a phenomenal experience both in racing and raising funds. I came in as a last minute entry and hit 61% of my 500.00 target within only 2 weeks. This year both the training and the fundraising are beginning way ahead of schedule. The training has been year round, and now that the green light has been given for fundraising, I hope to achieve a PB and raise above the 500.00 target.  So although we are months away, don’t be shy to be the first on the board with your sponsorship. Your donation goes direct to NSCPP.***

The NSPCC is special to me because it provides the opportunity to catch young people at that critical point where the impact of their help is most needed. Fear and abuse can be understood and councelled and over time championed to provide children with hope and belief in their potential. Investing in children in this manner is something I deeply respect.

Below is more information on the charity and using Just GIving. International sponsorship/ donations are also accepted so if you are reading this overseas there is no escaping my request to help donate :). Even a dollar.

The charity’s tagline reads on the back of my racing singlet:

“There’s a child depending on me” so let’s make it happen.

Thank you in advance.To contribute please go HERE