November 2009

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Well this was completely unexpected.

If you remember Amy and Takie’s wedding we did this summer  —


Well — it has recently surfaced in Hello! Magazine (hit page to get to link). We’ve been trying to locate the print form of it and know it’s out there so if you have one or know which one it is let us know. Hopefully Hello! gives a photo credit in the print. Way to go Julia and Vikki!




I took a group to a local lab to get a behind the scenes look at the  how their images are processed. For many attendees this was their first time discovering the power of the post production procedure and just what is involved in establishing quality prints. Thanks to John, Anthony and Rob for their time and knowledge.


There was a buzz in the air last night as The Mango Lab opened its doors to the Kite Studios Open House event. The courtyard looked fabulous lit up and a busy mass of people roamed in and out of galleries and studios shopping for local art. Our own Mango Lab sold 12 pieces of work and the red dots on the freshly painted walls looked very inspiring. Many positive comments about quality of the work and interest in taking part in future Saturday Clubs – so our invite list has grown quite considerably. We had the computer on hand displaying the first edition of SEED and again people were commenting on how high the quality of the work was. It is lovely to witness this and although I was teaching for most of the evening and only caught the back end of the event Julia was glowing with all the energy that was in the air. Looking forward to more events at The Mango Lab in the future!!!


This collection explores what happens when we move closer in on a city and listen to what it whispers. These photographs represent intimate conversations, an ear to the chest of the urban body.

Photography by:
Mikio Oba
Beatriz Palma
Richardo Toledo
Karl Grupe
Julia Massey Stewart
Janet Durrant
Jen Kavanagh
Nadja Sumichrast
Paul Loades
Marija Pocekutova

Curated by Julia Massey Stewart and Karl Grupe

Designed by Karl Grupe

This Wednesday from 7 – 10 pm. It’s Open House and there will be artists showing anything from painting to glass blowing and of course the exhibit. Prints will be on sale from £10.00 each with 10% being donated to the charity – Unique. Love to see you there.



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