September 2009

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All images photographed on Sony k800i mobile phone.

Julia from The Mango Lab curated an exhibition for Oxford University Saints Hilda’s College.  An event which celebrated and displayed the portraits of some of the college’s most successful women.






Oh it’s a VERY busy autumn 2009. Classes sold out, classes added because classes were sold out and those sold out! Wow! Fabulous to see that so many people love photography as a visual art form.

Autumn 2009 the courses running are as follows:

Beginner Digital Photography

Intermediate DigitalPhotography

Learning to See in Photography

Working with Photography – From Blogs to Books

Art of the Snapshot

Photographers’ London

In addition to that,  our own Mango Lab Studio is hosting its second Saturday Club event and that has doubled in participants and we look forward to the October exhibition and open house.  Mix that in with building 7 books for clients and shifting into winter triathlon training and you have one heckuva autumn. I refuse to believe in winter this year. Being busy helps.


Photos from the first showing of The Saturday Club at The Mango Lab around the theme “Order and Chaos”. Work presented by Lucy Tomkinson, Mikio Oba, Hugo Salvaterra, Paul Loades and Karl Grupe. A fabulous night and a huge thank you to all of you who came out and a special thank you to those who helped out – Vikki and Penelope.

The next brief is entitled “The Long Pause” amd will be photographed and presented around a soundscape. Please see The Mango Lab for further details if you wish to sign up to this workshop weekend. Spaces are limited to 25 and filling up quickly.