May 2009

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Still part of this book project I am working on —- the enterprising Biba Fox. What a name!


Swim 750m Bike 20km Run 5 km


I lost a good 10 minute in the bike. Having just bought my TT bike and never have ridden in that aero postiion in my life, and not once practised nor felt the “switch” in muscles in T1 and T2. Hoping to pull 5 minutes off, if not 10 in the next one on June 10th.



Congratulations to Alison Branagan for her monumental achievement of getting her first book published. Alison is an amazing woman completely dedicated to inspiring and educating entrepreneurs (especially those of a fine art background) in the mechanics of business. I had the pleasure of being one of the consultants on this book and have witnessed it grow. I wish every success to Alison on this project.

Buy the book.

Attend her workshop.


I had the opportunity to meet Caroline for a book project I am working on. She is absolutely a delight to work with. The day was fantastic and light amazing.

Caroline Russell is a British artist based in London. She is an Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and has been a professional sculptor since 1993. You can view a selection of her sculpture at

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been talking about triathlons for a long time. A very, VERY long time. I almost drown in one a while back and since then I have been afraid to return to the open water, to race. But last night I finally broke that fear – entered and swam – coming in in the middle of the pack having started at the back. The “washing machine” was not as bad as I thought but I did get kicked in the face and a heck of a jolt when a foot hit me square in the chest from some guy doing breast stroke. Finally realising that in the water it can be a bit of a battle zone I thought “go for it” and began swimming both defensively and offensively. You just cannot get this in any pool. In a pool if you get aggressive you have to deal with it when you both are at the wall. In the murky, mud churned lake it’s all “hit and run”. With swim caps, goggles, black wetsuits, a tornado of sediment and the odd minnow running for cover,  you can’t tell your aunt from your uncle.


Balancing training for triathlons and work is no easy feat. Now with the first tri of the season done the training increases and the disciplines become more focused. Last night’s tri at the Eton rowing facility was amazing – the weather was textbook perfect — except for the odd fishfly making kamikaze hits at my open mouth – I had to spit out 2 of the nasty things — it was a fabulous time. I am in for the next event – June 10th and looking forward to the Liverpool Olympic Distance one on 21:06.


Eton Facility

I do have one niggling thing to mention though — what’s up with the entrance fees to these things? Really – there must be some high insurance premium that is eating into the organisors’ budgets or its a real money making scheme. 47.50 I paid for this one. I even had to buy my own snacks at the end of the race – even WATER! Thank you Red Bull and For Goodness Shakes for offering their freebies. But looking at the recent Triathlete’s World magazine – their “235 Great British Races to Enter” section I see that all the fees are quite expensive (30 gbp and up to 85.00 gbp) until you go north.

But to level things out here I think everyone enters the races for a different purpose — and maybe I was the only one looking at the cinnamon doughnut thingy and going  “Yum Yum” and then realising that I didn’t bring any cash with me.

Next time I’ll pack a a cinnamon doughnut thingy – maybe a box or three – you know – to sell of course.

This is the second time I have seen Richard Wentworth give a talk.  So far I have not been disappointed. His approach and engagement with his audience is always so comfortable and unassuming – for anyone new to photography or learning about the art of photography I highly recommend going to a lecture of his because you can listen to an established artist sans ego. Last night at the most quirky and dare I say “fun” (?) locations in Wandsworth – The Stables, Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, he gave his presentation. When I listen to him speak I am left thinking – is it imperative that he is there to comment on his work ? dsc01672.JPGLooking at his photographs you see a childlike wonder and document of the things which he notes arrange themselves around our existence and are there as gifts for those willing to step outside our restricting visual borders. He is quick to point out that what he sees is nothing special – he creates these “shopping lists” of the world around. “is everyone who writes a shopping list a writer” he asks? The writing, the list, still serves as a narrative, a purpose, a means to an end, part of a process and an individuality. If you analyze the production and content of a shopping list you can witness the greater connections that exist – the order that builds in such a simplistic task. I am sure one could go on for hours with Wentworth dissecting the links and observations that the shopping list represents. And it is for this reason that I appreciate his discussions so much. That he translates and brings to our attention the complexities that exist just below the surface. That life has these unlimited connections even in the most domestic of situations. It is simply that we have been entertained enough to forget about our primitive nature.

It was a great beginning to the photowandsworth09 compitition which I will be one of the judges for. With a kickoff like last night I am very excited to see what sort of work comes our way.

(For those interested in “hearing” him speak here is a link to an interview he did with Anna Deseuze.)

Students in my Beginner Digital course  your assignment is HERE! Due next week – 5 images MINIMUM.

Digital Photography
Want to learn how to take a good picture
with your digital camera? This workshop
covers the basics of digital photography
including downloading images onto the
computer and techniques to edit and
enhance your images.
Mon 11th May 2009 6pm

Welcome to an evening investigating the spectacular world of digital photography. We have a very busy evening ahead of us so let’s get started!!!

Outline for the evening:

• introductions and handouts

• Digital photography and traditional or “wet process” photography comparisons.

• Buying a camera – compacts (including mobile phones), hybrids and DSLRs (systems + rentals) – comparisons and discussions.

•  The Digital Camera – from sensor to exposure – the fundamental points.

-  the lens – focal length, focus, aperture

-  the camera – – sensor size and quality, buffering time, photography modes (auto, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual) shutter speed, iso, white balance, EV, in camera meters(spot, partial, center weighted, evaluative, matrix)

-  the film  – camera cards, formats and sizes

– the eye – having a vision, seeing and capturing the image. Composition, instinct, and technical ability.

• Moving the image to computer. Setting up a file, camera card direct, USB cable, others?, transfer of images.

• Printing work – Image adjustment software – Picasa, Gimp, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS4.

• Beyond the image – Print on demand applications (BLURB, Lulu), creative options (moo, Snappy Snaps), Photo social networking sites (Flickr, Jpeg magazine)

• Where to next – SFX Autumn term,  for updates on courses and photography info: twitter: karlgrupe

•  Invitation Wandsworth Photocompetition 09 Opening