July 2008

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I decided to take the Tube back from London to Amersham yesterday. And then, without a car to shuttle me from station to home. I thought I would test out what it would be like if I had to rely on Tube and my walking “energy” to get me back. While the ride on the train in rush hour would be DREADFUL, and the walk through Amersham and onto the highway is not the quietest thing – although if there were less cars on the roads due to too high a fuel bill that would change- I did discover and opening along the road which led me onto a trail. Anxious at first about whether this was a private or a public path – I have been chased by an angry farmer before – I enter the opening into the woods and proceeded onwards. For about 200 meters there was nothing but dense forest, and the sounds of little creatures making a run for it underneath rusted leaves. Then the woods opened up and I was taken into a land silent of cars and full of music from wind and birds. The walk took an hour and along it I photographed my way. I thought – I have been stuck in rush hour traffic for longer than an hour, breathing in poisons and burning money while I stand still. But here I was on this earthy trail, the tight, hectic day of work giving way to the expanse of the landscape before me. And along the way I thought – could I do this if without a car in the future?

Anyways – I’ll let the pictures speak and I’ll step down for the moment now… while I think more about this topic.





Sony Ericson k800i camera phone


A beautiful summer afternoon in a farmer’s field with a picnic basket of goodies, friends and a Polaroid back attatched to a Mamiya. There are times when digital and all its perfection is just not worth the effort and the painterly sketch, with all its accident and chance is a lazy heat welcomed on a Sunday in July. Who cares if the image sways outside of the technical perfection that digital demands. The loose line and heavy exposure, the dizzy uncertainty is as fun as a new love. What a grand toy this Polaroid material is — too bad there will be those who will never know what it is like to experience it, to play with it, and have that love affair that is as exciting as a new muse.

SFX Intro to Digital Photography OPEN

It is that time of year when school exhibitions are up, galleries are opening their doors and wall space to the developing artist, and the general public get to see who is doing what and are introduced to the latest aesthetic from the young graduates pouring out the doors of the nation’s colleges and universities.

Not one to miss a party, we are going to have our own Summer 2008 Grad Show. You are going to be both participant and guest.

The brief for next week is to produce one personal piece. That work can be of any genre – documentary, portraiture, still life, abstract, nude, architecture, cityscape, landscape… you choose. REMEMBER- this is a personal piece.

The minimum size dimension is 5×7 inches and they are to be presented in PRINT format – you will be posting these up on a wall for viewing. The amount of images you wish to show are maximum of 12. But if it is 2 or 12 you are showing — all must be consistent around a theme or idea that you are visually inspecting, documenting or manipulating.

The image/s will be graded by your following class colleagues on the basis of:

• technical accuracy – sharpness, exposure, depth of field. (if the artist decides to push the boundaries with these it will be marked on how well it was executed in ordr to support the theme).

• composition – colour, layout, light, line, shape, balance, perspective, layering

• originality – how well thought out and produced was the idea.

• content – connection between intent of idea and the visual

• “wow” factor – its emotional impact.

You will need to provide a written examination – called “concept statement” along with the work so that colleagues can understand what the connection is to your photograph/s. Examples can be found on www.karlgrupe.com (Project 1 – “ Home as a Metaphor” and Project 5 – “Art of Noise”).

There will be an award given to Best in Show so put your competitive caps and go for it.

Good Luck.