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By Karl Grupe, Joonas…

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Well we are striding into spring. I am very excited. Already had the summer motorcycle out and enjoyed a couple of evening rides in spectacular weather. Great weather, great light, let’s get busy making some photographs!

Just to get you inspired here are some announcements around recent academic fronts as we head into this new season.

The summer schedule venues have been confirmed for our workshops (until July 2008). The following courses are available at Saint Francis Xavier College in Clapham South, London.

  • Intermediate Digital Photography – 6 seats left.
  • Digital Photography for Beginners – SOLD OUT.
  • Intro to Photoshop – 4 seats left.

If you have any questions about the courses leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.


We got signed on by a fabulous wedding consultancy in London – Tigerlily. Looking forward to doing some great projects with them in the near future. Our work dominates the site so if you want to take a peek click on the link and head on over for a visit.


Ok — so you are getting in the frame of mind of a photographer. Now you know how to use the camera in its manual mode, you know how to adjust for the right exposure and you know more and more about the aesthetic and conceptual elements which make up a photograph or a body of work.

Now the practice begins!!!


Tonight you were exploring creating photographs which are in minimalistic style of the Chiswick Park environment. You were creating visual “swatches” which on their own may be interesting but in a body of work will establish a theme and focus to the work. This is the visual exploration which assists in developing your eye. Think of it as visual practice — like a pianist who spends hours going over a score of music to perfect their performance you are now engaging in that same study. Photography becomes more than just taking the grab shot. Photography becomes a manner in which you SEE.

For next week you are to bring in a minimum of 24 images of the Enjoy Work assignment to be displayed. The images should be the coupon size images that Snappy’s gave you — 4 x6 with borders and on gloss paper.

This will be your first visual assignment with a focus. The brief is simply to capture Chiswick Park in a minimalistic pattern (see example above)which when brought together in a series of images DEFINE the experience of the space. Feel free to continue this exercise over the week — perhaps catching it in different light forms or in better lighting conditions then we have tonight. Maybe the way YOU SEE it is under a different light. With more shadow and contrast and brighter colours. If that is the case then create those if you can.

Where to now?


So I am at Brighton with my Toy Camera workshop and while they are out completing their assignment I came across this kid contemplating using the waterslide. He looked so mature as he stood there trying to figure it all out — like he was investing in a new car or a house. What were the risks?

Ok — raise your hands up if anyone of you out there has felt like this from time to time. Those of you who didn’t — you’re lyin’.

New Work


“starting school” amersham, uk 2008

New Work

“brighton love” Brighton, UK 2008

tree.JPG– interesting, talented, friendly instructors who seem to care.

taught me to develop a style and discover a voice.

– good course, interesting and well taught.

– found it motivational to make me go out and take pics. Enjoyed the class, teachers were nice. Feel like my photography has come a long way because of this course.

– fun course with a lot of practical involvement and class discussion + encouragement to explore ideas.

– really enjoyed the course. learned alot. EXCELLENT TUTORS!!!

enjoyed the material and the course. Fab!

Thank you to all of you who attended and we wish you great success in your photographic pursuits. Keep in touch!

NEXT COURSE: St. Francis Xavier College Tuesday April 28th, 2008 7 -9 pm.