January 2008

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Due to the computer glitch we had tonight the Shoot from the Hip assignment (to be placed on Simple Striking Portraiture pool ) is due next week and your portrait assignment is due the following week. For those who did not make the class tonight please read on.

Following investigations and tours of the content supplied for the “shoot from the hip” assignment we went on to examine concept in photograph with a focus on the portrait. We explored how powerful a tool concept can be in setting up a direction to process a visual tableaux resulting in a final representation of your journey towards that photograph. And the more we learn to understand the visual language the more we can understand the complexities of what it is you are saying.

Have fun with it and see you next week.

Keep seeing.

Just announced today that Central Saint Martins ART OF THE SNAPSHOT is confirmed. They are however still taking bookings until February 16th, 2008.


tree by autobahn
C41 process

Karl Grupe 2007

Great class last night folks. The samples you all showed were right on the mark and you should pat yourself on the back for getting the first stage of manual exposure making correct. We are now shifting our basic exposure away from shutter speed priority to aperture priority. Your assignment over this week is to produce a food still life which is an example of shallow depth of field. Here are some samples. Study them for their exposure, lighting, styling and composition.

3 pears on a line
Polaroid sx-70 film
Karl Grupe 2007


pear and curtain
Polaroid sx-70 film
Karl Grupe 2007

Remember that in this class we explored what you need to do to the aperture to make it create a shallow depth of field. Don’t forget that if the exposure is looking too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed) you have the option of adjusting shutter speed, ISO, and/ or light level to make the exposure more acceptable.

Have fun with it and remember to not eat the still life until you have got the shot!

See you next week.

00040003.jpg 1

hammockemail.jpg 2

03460011.jpg 3

01660002.jpg 4

h.jpg 5

kate3corrected1.jpg 6

47370033.JPG 7

fdd.jpg 8

v.jpg 9

03760008.jpg 10

kate15corrected.jpg 11

sz0102.jpg 12

kl.jpg 13

shawna12.jpg 14

sajo99-copy.jpg 15

girlsdance.jpg 16


Hey there folks. Just some notes for ya.

We talked about in camera meters to make you aware that there exist options in your equipment to personalise your exposures to get a more accurate rendition of what it is you are trying to communicate to the viewer.

We also spoke on the subject of file size in your image capture and what sizes are needed for when. We also compared jpeg to raw files and where and when to use them. There is a really good article on this that I found here.

Moving on to composition we studied three different photographers and witnessed three distinct styles and methods/ inspirations behind the work they pursue. From those wishing to simply create the beautiful to those who are more interested in using photography as a means to document a social experiment or observation (which can escape the attempts to make things aesthetically beautiful) – the camera is a tool only. Like a laptop to a writer or a paint brush to a painter – the camera is the means which the artist has decided to use to communicate their own vision. This means it is not a finite box which you photocopy life through. It has the capacity, through your concept and vision, to provoke, educate, entertain.

Following this discussion we moved on to look at the work you pulled together and brought to class and examined it for its content and link to your own personal style, voice, experience and/ or vision.

Next week please have ready your “shoot from the hip” experiments. 1 -10 samples were asked for but if you shoot more then by all means shoot and publish more. Please have no more than 20 though!

The larger the body of your work the more we can see into your vision and direction. SO more is definitely better.

I also found some MUCH better examples than what we saw in class. These show that it is how creative and “freestyle” this process can be.

Sample 1 Sample 2

Sample 3 Sample 4

Sample 5 Sample 6

Have a good week!

Howdy dooo!

Happy New Year — ok ok so its a bit late — but I only see you folks once a month!

Hope life and love are lookin’ cheery for 2008 and now let’s get some crackin’ images to boot.

The January meet up had us checkin’ out some work shot to the theme “shooting from the hip”. Here is a cool and “hip”  shot using this method by Marten :


February 6th, 12:30 – 2:00 we will be checking out low light image creation. For those of you frustrated by the flash popping up every time when you are shooting in low light, or having images blur or look out of focus althought the camera was on automatic, this is a club meet not to be missed. From photographing inside a room to outside in the night or fireworks – these two hours will work at educating you on the workings of low light and how to get that camera of yours ready to shoot for this light level.

See ya there.

Howdy gang.

Well here we go … learning about what these amazingly complexed tools in our hands can do when we have them trained beyond the one command we have known till now — “automatic boy —– that’s it — just be automatic! ” .

We began in this class to introduce the terminology and concepts behind the following:

By the end of the class most of you were able to successfully produce your first manual exposure and understand what was technically happening between the subject matter and the available light and the combination of iso, shutterspeed, and aperture you chose and metered for.

You were given the task for the next class of trying to make your first manual exposure on your camera without guidance. Please have that image placed in your Flickr account and ready for observation by Thursday’s class.

Have a great week and we’ll see see each other then.


Great meeting all of you and it looks like we have a great 10 weeks ahead. This is going to be your space to catch notes, look for signature shots of the week by yourself or fellow students and hopefully grow during the next process in your image making steps.

Just a recap —

We reviewed shutter speed, aperture, iso, wb, and focal lengths last week. The next session we will continue with the technical material in the areas of metering and image file size. You will also be presenting the five images that you collected in terms of compositional interest in the categories of either style, concept, and or construct. Please be ready with these for this Tuesday.

Oh yeah — PLEASE…. have a Flickr account set up soon so we can look at your work.

See you then!


wall detail, rnc, greenwich, london  2008

Great day today on the cruise and the photography out in Greenwich. I hope it was successful for you. Just a reminder that 10:00 am this Saturday we will be reviewing the examples from the assignment that you shot. Please have them produced and ready for show.

The schedule for the day is to review the work, introduce editing skills to achieve a narrative and create a hierarchy of images in terms of selection process. Following that you will be given the next assignment which will take place around the Camden Locks.

Enjoy your week and see you Saturday.

Over and Out.

Just a reminder folks we are heading here this Saturday for our visit to shoot architectural still life. Remember to meet at Westminster Pier for 10 am.

New artwork


Parking Lot, Hoover Dam, Nevada C- Print 2007, 1200mm x 900mm