December 2007

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Marija has arranged our date in January. Please make a note that we will be clubbing January 9th 12:30 – 2:00 pm.

The December club meeting took a look at visitors work and we had a chat about “shooting from the hip” as a method of photography. So the January sesh will review anyone who decided to pursue shooting from the hip. For anyone wanting to come on by but missed last sesh – “shooting from the hip” means photographing subjects without looking in the viewfinder or LCD screen of your camera. It’s an inconspicuous and instinct based way to take photographs of people who you don’t want to know that you are taking photos of. It can also be used by those who believe in the motto “don’t think, just shoot”. Here are some samples — From the Hip Group — take a look at the +1000 images and see what is effective and what is not so effective and then spend time inventing your own way of using this experimental method.

Post your work up on a online gallery and on the 9th we’ll project your images on the big screen and evaluate your process and results.

A great afternoon to show and tell about your favorite hobby and get feedback.

If you have questions please leave comments here and I’ll get back to you asap.

See you then!

Wow —- what stunning work folks. I hope you are as impressed with your own progress and work examples as I am. Huge congrats to you all for your recent success and to the ongoing development of your visual dialogue and understanding.

This is a reminder that next Monday and Thursday will be Photoshop introductions so please bring along images to work with on either in on a CD or on a USB sticks. The classes will be a tour of what Photoshop can do on a basic level to improve your immediate work – see it act like your own digital darkroom.

See you Monday at 6:30!

Client: Joyce Ho







ANNOUNCEMENT!!! – THE CLASS HAS REQUESTED LAST CLASS DRINKS ON TUESDAY DECEMBER 18th, 7:30 pm.  Don’t miss out! Trying out the pub across from Gunnesbury Station. Set your calendar for the last day of class and we’ll see you there.


Leaving the study of LINE behind, having recognised its power to direct and set up an architectural structure to a photograph we are now going to go another direction where we are going to make the viewer grasp a bit in order to get a foothold on what they are looking at.

Compositional Elements assignment 3

DUE DATE – 11:12:07 @ 6:00 pm.


Using the camera to capture that which the eye does not see is a very effective tool in creating creative, punchy images. There are many ways in which this can be achieved – over/ under exposure, white balance play, dramatic out of focus images, intentional blur, obscure cropping, colour play through colour filtration. And all of these are obtained by adjusting the controls on the camera and nothing else.

Y our assignment for next class is to have a selection of 10 images which have been created by turning the real into the surreal simply by amplifying the controls on the camera to create effects. You are now taking the rules and tech knowledge that you learned over the workshop and going against the grain. Getting magical and creating, making.

Enjoy your adventure!